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Bamboo Bottle just became Trendier!


Bamboo Bottle just became Trendier

In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for "Make In India" articles, local entrepreneurs and self-help groups are working hard to create environmentally friendly products that customers accept. Following the same initiatives We, Super Green Art, Bamboo bottle Assam manufacturer, are proud to contribute to the parent initiative.

Presenting before you, all new fresh designs have6 never been seen before in the market, Bamboo Bottle Assam and Bamboo bottle Flask. The bamboo bottle shown here has been roasted and burnt to show nice designs and classy patterns. They are designed to be attention seeker and will surely receive compliments from your friends.Each bamboo bottle has a unique design as the bamboo itself comes in different shapes and sizes. Design your own bottle concept for business with logos etc.

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From the talent and experience of Tripura's finest artisans, the work that goes while making a bamboo bottle is immense. It takes at least 4 to 5 hours to make a bottle that includes cutting, boiling, drying, smoking, assembling and finishing. Each bamboo bottle is 60% handcrafted. As the bottle is made from bamboo shoots and is completely organic, it keeps the water cool throughout the day, even during scorching summers. The water stays Thanda and cools all day long, rain or shine. Over time, prices should drop.

This is just the start of our vision to replace the plastics industry with eco-friendly bamboo, wood and jute. These bamboo bottles are completely organic and are made with sustainable bamboo bottle wood variety - bhaluka (Bambusa balcooa). The outer layer of these bamboo bottles is polished with a waterproof oil varnish which gives it a glossy and matt finish depending on customer demand. Interestingly, copper bottles are also being used along with steel bottles to increase the alkaline property of bamboo water bottle which helps in the prevention of major diseases such as cancer.

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Super Green Art vision is to replace the entire plastics industry and manufacturing units with environmentally friendly bamboo handicrafts and cane products. And that's why we are taking the digital route to get the word out and hoping to achieve the goal of a 100% plastic-free India.

We are happy to see how people are creating awareness in their own way, and we hope that relevant government bodies will come forward soon to support such an initiative to make it a huge success for the betterment of planet Earth.

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