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FAQ about Bamboo HandiCrafts

  • How do I order a product from Super Green Art ?
    Just click on the desired product and then click on the Buy now. You will be redirected to the order form. Just fill up all the details along with full address and click Order. We will give you confirmation and be in touch with you while the delivery process completes.
  • I am unable to order from Website of Super Green Art. What should I do now?
    No problem at all. Just send us an email @ We will process your order manually.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Currently, we do not have refund policy. Refund can only be granted if the product goes missing/undelivered while shipping/dispatch.
  • I want to sell my products on this Super Green Art website. What can I do?
    You can contact us @ along with your product pictures and description. We will revert you back within 24hrs. If it meets all the criteria, we will be happy to get your product online for sale.
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