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About us

Super Green Art was born out of a burning desire among its founders to create a canvas larger than what exists today, for all the beautiful and unmatched creativity that the simple artisans of India have been quietly perfecting for centuries.

We hope to be able to elevate the dignity of Indian bamboo handicrafts man on our small scale. We strive to offer an undeniably unique selection of traditional bamboo bottles company and bamboo handicrafts of India translated into a range of attractive contemporary products while ensuring a fair price for every artisan whose creations have been featured on this portal while bringing them closer together. people around the world. world. We strive to support our artisans not only by promoting what they make but also helping them with ideas and designs to innovate and create relevant handmade bamboo handicraft products and bamboo bottle online that appeal to changing tastes and styles. modern preferences, to help them find larger markets.

Contribute to the preservation and promotion of Indian bamboo handicrafts manship and hence all the skills and talent of a great group of artisans who are an integral part of this amazing country.

We work with artisans, organizations focused on bamboo handicraft. Support groups of NGOs, social enterprises and businesses deploying artisans

We actively undertake the design and development of custom bamboo bottle and bamboo handicrafts orders, working closely with clients to understand, design and develop exclusive and classic handicrafts of India solutions. Super Green Art essentially seeks to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the unparalleled artistic and cultural heritage inherited by every citizen of this incredible land.

We work in segments ranging from a global online retail audience to meeting the specific wholesale purchasing needs of a diverse range of corporate and institutional clients, event businesses and customer-centric requirements. the occasions.

Folk art in India does not wait for a canvas or paintings made in a factory. Rock walls and caves, a village wall, the floor, a threshold, a palm leaf, a piece of wood or even the palm of one hand is enough space ...

Handmade bamboo handicrafts of India and bamboo bottle online come naturally to hundreds of thousands of its illiterate people who weave myths, legends and simple everyday experiences into different forms of creativity that can change shape from day to day while retaining their consistency for years to come. centuries to enrich their lives. There are many different worlds contained within the geographic boundaries of India. The world of its artisans, with their handmade bamboo handicrafts products and textiles, spans millennia and spans the length and breadth of the country. For hundreds and thousands of Indian artisans, the fusion of utility and aesthetics comes naturally.

"Honoring Nature is honouring its creator and modelling objects by hand is a mode of worship. The Indian bamboo handicrafts of Indian man is therefore the greatest defender of the environment who aspires to live in harmony with his environment ...

The history of Indian bamboo handicrafts manship is a story of mankind's engagement with nature. Creative hands transform a rock into objects of divinity, minerals into lamps for worshipping, plants into woven textures to wear, and waste into beautiful objects of everyday use. For colours, the endless use provided by nature from flowers, leaves or stones is enough. The instinctive urge to honour nature and avoid polluting it enables people of traditional wisdom to experience all the natural resources they find around them. Even when they switch to pigments and therefore brighten up their expressions, their local images, stories, motifs and identities remain true to their known cultural understanding.

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